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Charis Jones

After all of the chest pains, head aches and emotional episodes (because entrepreneurship can be so emotional), I’ve figured the 7 figure formula out and I’d like to share it with you.
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Are you sick of sleepless nights and hustling in your business with little or no return at all? I’ve been there done that and got the sparkling t-shirt. I’ve desperately sold at trade shows every weekend while leaving my newborn twins to try and make a dream come true FOR YEARS; I’ve relentlessly sobbed & cried in the shower worrying if I was even doing the right thing or if I needed to go and get a job gain and I’ve frantically worried about sales in my business until my edges were gone. But not anymore.

Girl, DREAMS can & do come true!

I know what it takes to build a multi-million dollar business, because I’ve done it in less than 1 year.. After all of the chest pains, head aches and emotional episodes (because entrepreneurship can be so emotional), I’ve figured the 7 figure formula out and I’d like to share it with you. And the people & resources that help me get there.

Ten Reasons Why..

Why Should I Listen To You?

I had no easy route. I’m a mother of twin toddlers and a GOOD wife. I never took a bank loan or investment or had a mentor when I first started, I wasted so much money and time trying to figure it out on my own. This doesn’t have to be you.
• This formula allowed my husband to leave his 6 figure job with a fortune 50 company to work in the business too. We do what we want.

• I’ve built a multi-million dollar brand in 11 months. I have receipts from actually DOING the work, not teaching other people how to do the work.

• The year before that I tripled my revenue from the prior year

• We have built successful channels in the business to guarantee that you make money while doing the cupid’s shuffle on your next vacation.

• I’ve spent years doing what everyone else was doing, it never worked. The second I started to follow this formula, everything changed.

• I make $10,000+ for 1 hour of work. I’ll teach you how I do it.

• We have over 10 full-time employees in less than 1 year & I do NOT go into the office every day.

•My husband and I have the freedom to travel whenever we want, pick up the kids up and drop them off at school every day.

What Started It All

Charis Jones, owner of Sassy Jones, built an award-winning accessory brand that specializes in selling confidence to it’s millions of customers across the globe; it’s her ministry.  After ranking as a highly coveted sales professional for Fortune 50 companies like Verizon and Geico, she left her corporate position to build her brand full time at the most inconvenient life stage, after becoming a twin mom to boys. Through much savvy, perseverance and persistence, today Sassy Jones has become a multimillion brand in just 1 year; earning a 2019 Best Company Award by Entrepreneur Magazine, curating partnerships with Market at Macy’s and HSN all the while boasting an industry shattering 72% 30-Day Customer Return Rate. Currently, the brand has built of multi-channel shopping experience including a thriving e-commerce division and a flagship brick and mortar based in Richmond, VA where she currently lives.


During her studies at Hampton University, she learned the importance of differentiation in the marketplace and building lasting customer relationships. She is an expert in converting customers into lifelong raving fans while creating unforgettable customer experiences. Charis has also been featured in national campaigns for Motorola, Strayer University, GEICO & AT&T. Undoubtedly, her favorite place in the world is on her couch with her husband and 4-year-old twin boys, Jaxon & Julian.

Helping You Develop the Proven Strategies To Execute Undeniably Confidently in your Business.

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